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ECS of Texas provides window cleaning, pressure washing, and other exterior maintenance services to low and high-rise commercial buildings across Texas. We deliver high-quality work with clear communication.

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We pride ourselves on pro-active, clear, and effective communication. With all of our jobs, you can expect seamless scheduling with start/stop times and progress reports in your inbox each day. These reports include before/during/after project photos, updates on our progress, information on what we will be tackling next, and notes on anything we see in the field you should know about.



Our practices go beyond compliance in all safety measures. We practice a more sophisticated and safe rappelling methodology: all of our rappellers are certified SPRAT Rope Access Technicians. This extra step in safety also allows us to provide a more cost-effective and efficient means of accessing structures and geologic features for inspection, restoration, and maintenance. We invest in this additional certification and use better equipment like body harnesses and helmets in order to ensure our team stays safe and reduce liability for our customer.



The reason ECS has such satisfied customers is because of our exceptional team members. ECS attracts and retains the best people by being highly selective in hiring, offering better living-wage pay, supplying valuable training, and intentionally providing the support team members need to thrive in their job and lives outside.

“I have never received such clear emails. It made me feel like I actually knew what was going on!”

– Sarah H, High-rise Commercial

“I have never received such clear emails. It made me feel like I actually knew what was going on!”

– Sarah H, High-rise Commercial

“Best money I have spent in a while - thank you!”

– Brittini E, High-rise Commercial



Window Cleaning

We offer window cleaning for low and high-rise commercial buildings using a combination of traditional squeegee, water-fed pole, and rope access rappelling tools and techniques.

Each project requires a unique cleaning approach. Our industrial rope access techniques allow us to clean the most difficult glass more efficiently and more safely. We are able to access areas that other companies cannot and our standard practices go above and beyond regulation, ensuring that our team members are safe and our customers’ liability is reduced. Our team has amassed decades of window cleaning experience and we do not leave jobs until every piece of glass is clean.

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Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing and soft washing solutions for façade and grounds restoration and maintenance.

All of our pressure washing is done with high-pressure steam-cleaning equipment to remove gum, oil, dirt, grease, grime, and surface residue. Not all pressure washing is equal; our commercial-grade equipment allows us to tailor a custom approach for each job in order to maximize the outcome. We use biodegradable, industrial-grade chemicals in compliance with all city codes that do not damage other surfaces. Instead of being discharged into storm sewers, we recapture wastewater per city code where necessary.

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Seal Repair



High-Rise Solutions


ECS of Texas was founded on the belief that we can do better – that we can make something often overlooked, like the cleaning of a building, an experience that matters. We pursue a higher level of excellence in our work. We strive to create more trust in partnership with our customers. And we provide jobs that offer dignity and a living wage to our employees. As the world becomes increasingly automated, our work remains focused on people. It still requires a human touch for both our employees and our customers alike to be successful. Its why we love what we do and why we are so grateful for the opportunity to do it.


Josh Coulter


Josh makes the map and guides the ship. He loves talking about being from Austin and has way too many spreadsheets on his desktop.

Ben Ward

Ops Manager – Window Cleaning

Ben is our resident rappelling expert and master of all things glass. He is the guy that will figure out how to clean that one drip on your window 600 ft off of the ground.

Joel Armistead

Ops Manager – Pressure Washing

Joel has never met a surface he couldn’t figure out how to clean. Rumor is he has a phone recording of a pressure washer that he plays at night to help him go to sleep.

Dallas-Fort Worth



Joe is a born-and-bred Dallasite intent on keeping the DFW skylines the brightest stars in Texas.

Joe Becker

Operations Manager

Joe is the ultimate go-getter. In all his years of living, he has yet to meet a person he does not like or a window he cannot clean.


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